Laabadhoo! Famously known among Huvadhuans as Hathe-fate-Laabadhoo

Welcome to Laabadhoo! Famously known among Huvadhuans as Hathe-fate-Laabadhoo ( ހަތެފަޓެ ލާބަދޫ)- literally translates to “island with seven folds” is another gem and now a protected area in South Huvadhu. The island contains many ponds with unique flora and fauna. According to the locals, these ponds were once safety net for islanders when the weather gets rough, and fishing was poor. Hence these ponds played a vital role in food security of islanders. These ponds inhabit a fish which lives in both freshwater and saltwater called Milkfish- ބޭންގު (Chanos chanos).

The seniors tell the story of catching these fish from the ponds in Laabadhoo for protein when fishing was poor. They use red sail used in traditional sail vessel and spread it on the pond. The fish jumps on the net resulting easy and good yield. The catch of milkfish then gets distributed among the fishers and participants.

From our observations, the bays in the Laabadhoo are excellent ground to do water sports activities such as kite surfing in both monsoons . We hope these spots and locations will be utilised non-destructive way in the future for the prosperity of islanders nearby and all the Maldivians. The mangroves are quite extensive with varieties of true mangrove and mangrove associated species. The shallow bay is nursery ground for many marine organisms such as turtles, sharks, rays and fish species.

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Now, raise your hands if you want to visit Laabadhoo and nearby amazing locations. How a barbecued Milkfish and breadfruit rice sounds for Lunch?